Email marketing that gets you seen (and heard)

Let’s not beat around the bush, email marketing is impactful. In fact, it’s the most cost-effective way to build trust in your brand, boost revenue, and get into the heads (and hearts) of your already engaged audience.

But striking the right tone is a fine art. In reality, successful email marketing is a delicate dance between telling your readers what they want to know, while giving them what they need to know.

These days, surface level content just won’t cut it. In order to really engage your readers means seeing the bigger picture.

At List & Found, we go deeper, creating valuable content that goes far beyond the initial email. Whether it's offering technical takeaways, or including handy actionable tips, we’re experts in keeping those open rates sky high, while driving interest and growth in your business.

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317% increase in enquiries & #1 rankings across an entire industry.