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Manufacturing client: 3000% traffic increase

Chris Bardsley / 27 July 2022

Last year we took over the SEO from another agency for a client in a pretty competitive manufacturing niche. You know the kind – where one project win could be worth 6-figures plus.

TLDR; in total, we increased their traffic by nearly 3000%. Which, yes, is a silly figure – in real numbers, they went from hundreds of impressions to tens of thousands per month.


How we did it:

⭐ What we do always do – get the basics right. We fixed a LOT of technical issues.

➡️ Gave each page on the website a reason to be found by people and Google.

➡️ Improved content throughout, starting with the most valuable – service pages. We moved on to blog content too, but selectively…only writing what we knew would provide value.

Honestly, most of this wasn’t anything groundbreaking. But we see this time and time again…the foundations of your website are SO important, because without them, you can’t build.

Case Study:


Building 6-figure project win’s & 100x ROI from SEO & PPC.

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