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We won a few awards last year – here’s why:

Chris Bardsley / 12 January 2021

I’ve always had to be pretty self-sufficient in the marketing roles I’ve been in.

Which is great for the freedom it brings, but it also resulted in two other things:

  1. I never had anything to measure myself against.
  2. I had to do EVERYTHING. Search, social, paid, content—if I wanted to try it, I had to do it.

I had no idea whether what I was doing was good or not.

We got inquiries, traffic, and all the stuff that I could measure, and I saw the numbers going up.

But that’s what all marketers do, right?

So when I started List & Found, that was the real test of whether I could do ‘everything’ well enough to not only get a few clients but also compete with other agencies I’d looked up to.

After a year, I thought we had a couple of projects that were awards-worthy. Again, I had no idea if they were or not, just a feeling that the numbers looked good.

So I worked on the case studies. I backed up all of the thinking.


And we got shortlisted for every award we entered.

Won 2—inc. a Prolific North Award

Highly commended for 3 Inc. Northern Marketing Awards


And we’ve still got a few to go this year.

ALL because I wanted to see if someone who was forced to be good with different channels actually could be…

Case Study: