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UK Agency Awards: Shortlisted for TWO Awards

Chris Bardsley / 14 July 2020

A couple of years ago, I set up List & Found so I could run a digital marketing agency properly.

A bunch of people who love what they do are absolutely smashing it for clients.

Although it sounds a tiny bit boastful, I know that we’ve done that for every client we’ve worked with.

Which, in all honesty, is all the recognition I need.


Two years ago, I set myself the goal of creating an agency that could stand alongside Manchester’s finest.

The agencies I’ve looked up to for my whole career.

And on Friday (10th July), we hit that goal.


An email came through to say that we’ve been shortlisted for two awards at the UK Agency Awards.

UK. Not Manchester. The whole of the UK! 🤯

The first: B2B Agency of the Year.

The second: Best Integrated Campaign alongside our great friends and clients, J+D Forecasting.


It’s no secret that I love B2B marketing.

To be nominated in that category, alongside a B2B campaign that’s about as niche as you can get…

Well. It feels good.

Really good.

I can’t describe how proud I am of our little team and everyone who’s worked with us to achieve this.

So I’ll end this with a thank-you.

Thank you to all of our clients over the last couple of years.

Thank you to everyone who’s guided, supported, and worked with us.

Hopefully, we’ll do you proud in September at the ceremony.

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