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The List & Found team is growing

Chris Bardsley / 07 May 2020

After starting our journey in April 2018, the team at List & Found has finally expanded, welcoming Shannen Davies as our new digital marketing executive!

List & Found is a digital marketing agency that focuses on SEO, ads, and social campaigns in order to help companies reach and engage their audience. After immediately securing three clients in the first month of setting up, we have continued to win over clients with our creative, successful, and straightforward approach to digital marketing.

All of this culminated in our being named ‘Start-up of the Year’ at the Oldham Business Awards earlier this year.

With business continuing to thrive, it seemed only logical that now was the time to expand the team and find someone to help the business continue to grow.


List & Found then came across The Juice Academy, which provides the first industry-led digital apprenticeship, so it was the perfect match!

What the Juice Academy does:

The Juice Academy offers apprentices a level 3 Junior content producer qualification, in which they teach apprentices the theory they need in order to understand the world of digital marketing at a professional level in terms of how to create successful content and appeal to audiences through marketing strategies.

The process:

  • They help employers find and hire their ideal apprentice and train them to their own standards.
  • The Juice Academy teaches apprentices the theory of digital marketing, providing the skills and training apprentices need in order to apply this ‘on the job’ within their work placement.
  • In terms of the job placement, as a digital marketer, this will involve apprentices creating real-life content for real clients, which provides apprentices with the opportunity to experience the real world of digital marketing, where they will need to meet deadlines and come up with ideas.

“I’ve always been excited by the idea of content creation; having an idea in your head and then creating it for others to see is an amazing concept; being able to incorporate your creativity into a career creates a fun aspect in terms of ‘work’, and now here at L&F Marketing, that idea is now becoming a reality.”

Who better to discuss how The Juice Academy helped List & Found find our ideal apprentice than our new digital marketing executive herself, Shannen Davies?

I decided to go down the route of apprenticeships as I will have the opportunity to train in a work environment with professionals while getting the required experience that I need in the long run. Not only does an apprenticeship look amazing to have, but it also gives me a different kind of fulfilment that a university would not be able to offer. Being able to work in the media industry is tough, but through an apprenticeship, it becomes a little easier to be recognised for my creativity and being able to do what I love day to day.

When I came across the Juice Academy application, it was like my prayers had finally been answered. A chance to present myself in front of different employers all working in similar fields in digital marketing and being able to gain a qualification through the academy sounded perfect to me. In terms of the bootcamp, there was an online process for the application, which included questions and online assessments to identify our skills and what skills we needed to improve as individuals. In total, it took around two months for The Juice Academy to confirm if I had, in fact, successfully made it to the bootcamp on August 21st.

“At the end of the bootcamp, I was called up and had to choose between three employers, with one being List & Found. I immediately knew that L&F would be the best fit for me.”

The Bootcamp:

On the day of the bootcamp, I arrived early, was given the number ‘7’, and was told to put my name, age, and where I was from on the front of my paper and pin it to my jacket. From then on, I was referred to as ‘7’ for the duration of the bootcamp.

At the beginning, me and 43 other candidates waited for the employers to introduce themselves and their company. From there, we split off into groups of 8 and had to create a portfolio of ourselves with three facts we wished the employers would know about us. After 30 minutes of prepping and planning, we had 30 seconds to pitch ourselves in front of the employers. After this, we were sent away in our same groups and had 45 minutes to create a stop-motion video as a group of what The Juice Academy means to us, which we had to show in front of the employers, each in turn explaining our video.

Finally, we had to carry out speed interviews, which was the main aspect of this bootcamp. This was your ‘time to shine’ in impressing employers while also seeing who would be the ideal fit for me.

At the end of the bootcamp, I was called up and had to choose between three employers, with one being List & Found. I immediately knew that List & Found would be the best fit for me, and I knew from the start that they were my favourite company in terms of the content I would be creating and being able to work in a suitable environment. Chris from List & Found presented a welcoming and exciting pitch that intrigued me from the beginning; therefore, I was over the moon to find they had chosen me to work with them.

Moreover, the bootcamp was a nerve-racking but exciting experience, which tested me as an individual in terms of working with complete strangers in order to get the attention of the employers.

Now, after starting in September 2019, I hope to create successful content for clients and increase my knowledge of the successful and necessary aspects of digital marketing, which in turn will help List & Found become more recognised among businesses. I hope to grow with the business and continue on this creative path with this great digital marketing agency.

“Although many people would see an 18-month-old business as one that was still finding its feet, the journey L&F has been on has resulted in me having a very different perspective, as this was all part of the bigger plan!

I started the company based on the ethos of providing straightforward advice and a transparent service, with the protection of those values being very important to me. Therefore, when it came to expanding the team, I was looking for someone with both a hard-working background and an appreciation of, for want of a better phrase, telling it how it is.

I’m very happy to have found those values in Shannen. Alongside a great background in copywriting, her enthusiasm for digital and personality were the ideal fit for what the business needed.

And a week later, things have gone perfectly. After being introduced to clients face-to-face and getting stuck into applying her passion for writing in a commercial sense, the future is very bright, and I can’t wait to see how Shannen grows with the role over the coming years.”