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The Power of Connecting the Dots

Chris Bardsley / 07 June 2024

Usually our clients have a couple of agencies helping them – search / digital marketing, and web.

Both with their own agendas of what success looks like.

And then there’s the internal team.

They get fed information from the senior team, sales, operations…or at least have more access to it.

With all of those different points of view floating around, how often is there a holistic overview of marketing?


I bang on about everyone pulling towards one goal all the time.

It’s what our reports are based on and what I try to get clients invested in.

It often (daily) goes WAY beyond the scope of a search agency.

So why do I do it?

Because without it, we won’t get the results we’re looking for. The award-winning ones. The promotion-earning ones.

But maybe more importantly…it’s not all about us. If we spot an issue on the website that’s out of our scope and don’t raise it, nobody wins.

We had this issue today.

A client messaged me at 6am and said their form was broken. A huge issue for a client in healthcare…

Was it our fault the form was broken? No.

Did we have access to be able to fix the form? No.


We did know that the form was built using Salesforce, and that a big update had been rolled out that week.

We knew the agency involved and how it was integrated onto the site, and what the issues could be.

While it’s out of our remit, we’re the ones joining the dots.

That’s what’s so special about working with an agency like us.

YES, we’re brilliant at search.

But we know that our performance relies on every piece of the puzzle working, and are willing to go above and beyond to make it work.

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