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Manufacturing client: 3000% traffic increase

Chris Bardsley / 27 July 2022

Last year, we took over the SEO from another agency for a client in a pretty competitive manufacturing niche. You know the kind – where one project win could be worth 6-figures plus.

TLDR; in total, we increased their traffic by nearly 3000%. Which, yes, is a silly figure – in real numbers, they went from hundreds of impressions to tens of thousands per month.


How we did it:

⭐ What we do always do – get the basics right. We fixed a LOT of technical issues.

➡️ Gave each page on the website a reason to be found by people and Google.

➡️ Improved content throughout, starting with the most valuable – service pages. We moved on to blog content too, but selectively…only writing what we knew would provide value.

Honestly, most of this wasn’t anything ground-breaking. But we see this time and time again: the foundations of your website are so important, because without them, you can’t build.

Case Study:


Building 6-figure project win’s & 100x ROI from SEO & PPC.

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