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Introducing List & Found

Chris Bardsley / 04 June 2020

I’ve got some news to share with you.


BW marketing has been a ‘thing’ for 2 years now.

Something that started out as me wanting a bit of freedom, knowing I could do things a little differently (better) out on my own, has grown beyond all recognition.

Which is why BW Marketing needed to change.

Most people have asked me what ‘BW’ stands for. And the answer is… it’s a combination of having a ‘black and white approach’, Bardsley and Wraith (my former co-owner), and me wanting to fondly remember my late mom’s initials, albeit the wrong way around—Whalley Bardsley.

Which, two years ago, was fine! I needed a company name, and ‘BW Marketing’ made sense.

But, in truth, it’s never really meant much as a brand. As an example, you probably chose to work with me, the guy who’s never short of a smile and is rarely seen without a coffee. Not ‘BW Marketing’.

So late last year, after welcoming our second member of the team, with a third imminent alongside a couple of long-term partners, I realised that the company isn’t just about me anymore.

To get things started, I floated the idea of a rebrand to my good pal, Adrian Bentley, after a (now regular) Friday-afternoon coffee at Beehive Lofts.

A few home truths later, we embarked on a journey.

Working alongside creative genius Sean Booth, wordsmith Antony Alton, and the self-proclaimed (actual) greatest copywriter in the world, Lorrie Hartshorn, Adrian has translated our DNA into an identity that’s ready for the world to see.

So please, say hello to…


List & Found

If I went into detail here, I’d be doing our new website a disservice, but this genuinely represents what I’m passionate about:

Getting businesses found online.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to welcome you into a new chapter of this business. And I’d urge you to go and check out the pages of our new website.

I’ll share more in the coming weeks, but for now, I think introducing you to our new brand is enough.

So, I’ll leave you with a thank-you.

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for trusting us. And thank you for reading through what’s probably the longest message I’ll ever write on here.



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