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February in review: Five-figure Email campaigns

Chris Bardsley / 13 March 2023

We all see those posts guiding you through the *latest marketing trends*, and while they’re good ideas (most of the time), they’re unlikely to be the thing that moves the needle.

So rather than be another one of those marketers – I wanted to share what we’re doing, and why it’s working, for real life client campaigns. And we’re not just talking about SEO, email, and social forms as part of this either.

Every campaign is different, which will show you how there’s no one size fits all. The fundamentals are the fundamentals, but beyond that, it takes a bit of imagination (and usually some digging into the data) to find those results.

5-figure email campaigns

We work with a client in the financial services industry, and February saw some of our highest-ever open and click rates, driving over £20k of revenue.

How did we do it? We’ve known for a while that when it comes to email campaigns, people have a pretty short attention span. We need to get the message across quickly, before the reader scrolls away, never to look at the email again.

By analysing which sections of the email get the best response rates, we optimised the design to make sure we were summarising the email quickly, including the most important CTA from the email in the introduction.

But that’s only half of the story – we needed to make sure people were opening the email before they clicked through. We’ve been testing subject line lengths and types for over a year and hit on a formula we’re pretty sure works best.

That’s not to say it doesn’t change, because if we have a single promo we need to get across, that’s the focus! But more often than not for our regular, scheduled mailers, we know what works.

The result? Working with our client – we tracked everything from clicks through to final sale, so we could prove ROI of each campaign. And it’s always worth mentioning – these are the minimum figures that we can track down to a single click.

  • 5-figure revenue from email campaigns
  • 50% increase in open rates
  • 3X click-through rates


Pretty good, right?

If you want to make an impact with your digital campaigns, give us a shout.

We’re always happy to run through your current performance and see where it can be improved.