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“The One that Caught my Eye”: Christmas edition

Claire Garner / 23 December 2020

The reason I joined List and Found is that I am genuinely obsessed with digital marketing.

I find energy in discovering a new post style or creative campaign. 

So, now I can share with you all the creative marketing content I have found—just try and stop me.


Claire’s Top Digital Christmas Marketing Campaigns of 2020

The One that Touched Me the Most…

Manchester City Council Advent Calendar Day 16
(Image Credit: Manchester City Council)

Manchester City Council: #StaySafe

Being a Mancunian company, we might be a little biassed. Yet, I feel like this is a Christmas digital marketing campaign I would have noticed regardless of location.

Manchester City Council’s #McrChristmas digital campaign captured the infamous community spirit of their audience. 

Their sentimental video was like a warm, all-encompassing hug. At the same time, their MCR advent calendar was full of inspiring and engaging questions. 

Side note: I even answered 1-2 and got a personalised response from the team. If that isn’t digital community engagement at its finest, I don’t know what is?   

Watch the video: Merry Christmas Manchester


The one that went viral…

Spotify Wrapped digital marketing campaign screenshots
(Photo credit: Spotify)

Spotify Wrapped

I honestly believe that Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” marketing campaign is one of the best styles of marketing I have seen. 

From our first friendship to our ‘confident adult’ selves (ha!) we want to be liked. We enjoy wearing the “right” clothes, listening to the “right” music, and being in the “right” crowd.

Spotify hits the nail on the psychological head with their Christmas marketing campaign. The use of imagery and music tickles the senses and floods your brain with memories of the year. Pair this with the perfect Instagram image of who you’ve been listening to and for how long, and you’ve got a great campaign.

Plus, with big, bold colours, intriguing questions, and branding, the campaign stands out. You don’t even need to see the logo to know who it’s by.

Given all this, it was definitely a Christmas campaign that caught my eye. For one thing, it flooded my social media for quite some time. 

Check it out: Spotify Wrapped


The One Simple Engaging Post…

A candy cane and a candy walker
(Image credit: @physiomairead)

Physico Mairead a Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Clinic

A small and simple post that made great use of national days and holiday themes. Your digital marketing campaign doesn’t always have to be a production masterpiece; it just has to appeal to your audience.

Physico Mairead posted the above on their Instagram account last Christmas. A post with a modest 48 likes, yet I just love how authentic and audience-loving it was. 


The one that made us laugh out loud…

Animation of a dog, snowman, and person outside a house
(Image credit: Greenies)

Greenies Snowman

I don’t think I can explain this one in a short post. Just watch it with the sound on.

Watch it here: Greenies


The one that captured the mood of the nation…

Google #DearLocal

As national Christmas marketing campaigns go, I watch out for Coca-Cola, Aldi, and John Lewis. Holidays are coming, holidays are coming… is the international Christmas sign, right?

With the pandemic causing damage across industries, Google’s focus on local was spot on. In 2020, there has been a big push to #shoplocal. I think we can agree that Google’s marketing campaign captured the mood of the nation entirely during these “unprecedented times”.


So then, what do you think of my Top 5 Christmas Marketing Campaigns of 2020?

We laugh, we cry, and we are captivated by advertising and marketing. The process of creating audience-loving content is why I went into marketing.

To sum up, the List and Found Digital Marketing Campaigns of Christmas 2020 awards go to…

  • The One that Touched Me the most was Manchester City Council. Click here
  • The one that went viral was Spotify’s “Wrapped.”  Click here
  • The one simple, Engaging post… Physico Mairead, a Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Clinic 
  • The one that made us laugh out loud… Greenies Snowman: Click here
  • The one that captured the mood of the nation… Google #DearLocal: Click here

(Ok, so we really aren’t THAT big-headed; we just like to share creative marketing!)

If you’re as obsessed with digital marketing as us, which, if you’re still reading, I think you probably are,. We would love to connect. 

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When Chris hired me, I don’t think he realised how quickly I would influence the List and Found “vibe”.  If you ask anyone, the three things to know about me are: plants, cakes, and gardening. 

  • Plants already surround Beehive Lofts (tick!)…
  • There are now cakes quite often in the office (my bad!).
  • Chris is debating growing vegetables in his garden. 

And it has only been 8 weeks.

Little does he know (until proofreading this), I can be a fan of the 90s. So I’ve had a bit of fun and written this post in a particular style that I think is a bit of marketing magic.  Have you guessed it?

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