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Hi! I’m Dan. I’ve recently joined List & Found as part of the Digital Marketing team.

Chris asked me to write a blog post, so I thought I’d explain how I landed my first role in digital marketing. If you find any of this interesting, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


How did I end up working at List & Found?

From GCSE level I enjoyed studying business which led to me studying business as a BTEC at college level. Despite often being negatively compared to A-Levels, I would recommend studying a BTEC. Studying a BTEC gave me a sound introduction to a range of business modules before going on to university.

The benefit of studying a BTEC for someone like myself, is if you already know your preferred subject area, this allows you to focus on one subject. Studying an A-Level is more generic, and more suited to those who enjoy a number of subjects. For those who have a clear idea of the path they want to take, studying a BTEC offers a good alternative.

In 2017, my marketing journey began by starting a Football Business & Marketing degree at UCFB in Manchester. During my time at University, studying different modules allowed me to work on different projects. Working on different projects helped me to understand that digital marketing was my preferred path.

A project in university that led me to this role included creating a mockup digital marketing agency with a group of friends. Working with friends is always great, but in a marketing sense this allowed each of us to try different things. The project included tasks such as social media, blogs, website design, email marketing and podcast creation. This piece of work ties in to what I do now at List & Found. During this project, I discovered that writing content on social media, blogs and email is something I enjoy. Ultimately, the project forms a big part of what I’m doing now in a professional setting.

Alongside my studies, I volunteered at a football-based manufacturer for a product launch event. This allowed me to gain first hand experience in the industry and understand how products and content are received.

Make University work for you

University often gets a negative press, with many young people now going straight into apprenticeships. People are often quick to point out that university degrees aren’t particularly useful, but in my experience this is not the case. In this section, I wanted to share personal aspects of university which I found important. 

An important part of university is to make the most of the opportunities afforded to you. At university, there are often occasions when you can take an extra step and volunteer or take part in extra curricular activities. It’s important to make the most of these opportunities, as this can help you stand out to employers.

Take time to network and learn from your tutors and industry experts.

Learn from your classmates. One of my favourite parts of University was to work as part of a team. Team-working allows a blend of differing skills/personalities, giving good preparation for working environments.

Don’t be afraid to fail. University offers a perfect opportunity to try things and learn from any mistakes.

Listen to feedback. Feedback at university can often feel like criticism, but it is important to take feedback on board and use it to your advantage. Constructive feedback has helped me progress. Learning to take feedback well can improve results and performance.