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2020: Awards, Uncertainty…and everything else

Chris Bardsley / 07 December 2020

In March I was writing a few case studies ahead of our rebrand. I’m always a believer in the work we do, but honestly, the results surprised me.

The day-to-day of running campaigns, constantly trying to improve, meant I’d not stopped to check how far we’ve come.

One stood out. Our work for J+D Forecasting.

In the space of a year, digital marketing had genuinely transformed their business.

Alongside their brilliant Head of Marketing, we smashed targets, made new ones, hit them again, and THEN planned for 2020 (🙄).

Now, if you look up the definition of humble in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of me. But in this year of all years, I thought…f*ck that…I was going to shout about the great work we’ve been doing.

Which meant….awards. And a pretty exciting few months.

I was sitting in my kitchen, in the house I hadn’t left for about 2 months, on Zoom calls making sure we’d packed every bit of information into the entries as possible.

Now, it’s December, and List & Found are back in the office as:

  • Prolific North Award Winners
  • Global Agency Award Winners
  • Digital Growth Award Winners
  • Northern Marketing Awards – Highly Commended
  • Shortlisted for the UK Social Media Awards & UK Agency Awards
  • UPDATE – Shortlisted for the Northern Digital Awards

Not bad eh?

And you know the irony, we’ve been so busy with new clients that I haven’t really had the chance to shout about it.

So here it is. Shouted about.